TrueVine Gluten Free Prefilled Communion Chalice Cups – GF Bread & Juice (Box of 100)

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Price: $64.99
(as of Nov 12,2020 19:45:52 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Truevine Prefilled Communion ChaliceTruevine Prefilled Communion Chalice

Experience the TrueVine Difference

Experience the Truevine DifferenceExperience the Truevine Difference

Experience the TrueVine Difference

The TrueVine Prefilled Communion cup offers the best communion experience for your congregation. You will appreciate the superior quality, great tasting Concord grape juice, fresh bread, and easy open seals on top and bottom. Select from Juice or Wine and Regular bread or Gluten Free bread.


A better communion cup

Quality you can taste

The TrueVine brand grew out of a desire to offer a better communion experience for churches and their congregations. Churches and ministry leaders were simply not satisfied with the current prefilled communion cup options available to them. Our team at Concordia Supply has spent months relentlessly pursuing the best manufacturers and high quality ingredients, in order to offer a product that churches love.

A simply easier to open communion cup that everyone in your congregation will appreciate.

Unique offerings to meet your church’s needs.

TrueVine Chalices come with your choice of grape juice or real sacramental wine, as well as regular unleavened bread or gluten-free bread.

Why Churches Choose The TrueVine Chalice

Elegant chalice shape is easy to hold and preserves the tradition of communion.

Easy-open seal is easy for youth and elderly to use.

Quiet seal technology means no distracting noises during your service.

Great tasting sacramental bread square included.

Quick preparation before your communion service.

Faster distribution, providing more time and flexibility for your service.

No leftover juice, bread, or cups. Unused chalices can be refrigerated

Prevents the spread of germs and makes your church service safer by using sanitary, single-use cups.

Whole wheat wafersWhole wheat wafers

Baked in the USA

We were simply not satisfied with other wafers. We found a baker who made a better and tastier communion wafer. It looks and tastes like bread, because it is! Made with whole wheat dough.


Safe & Sanitary

A safe way to distribute the communion elements


Easy to Open

Now easier than ever for your congregation to open


Fresh Ingredients

Made with only the highest quality ingredients and freshly made


Elegant Shape

The chalice shape honors to tradition of communion while also being easy to hold

EASY TO OPEN, SILENT, NO-SPILL SEAL: Silent, simple opening for the youth and seniors. Bread in the bottom seal and Concord Grape Juice in the top. Hermetically sealed.
CLASSIC DESIGN: Unique sturdy Chalice shape makes the cup easier to hold, more simple to unseal, and balances well on communion trays and tables.
CAREFULLY PACKAGED: Sealed hermetically. Fresh and sanitary. Packaged with utmost diligence. Guaranteed arrival with zero leakage, or get a free box on us!
SHELF LIFE: Unrefrigerated for 3 months. Refrigerate for 6 months. Frozen for 1 year. Due to minimal preservatives used in production, our staff highly recommends refrigeration/freezing for freshest taste.

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TrueVine Gluten Free Prefilled Communion Chalice Cups – GF Bread & Juice (Box of 100)


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